Tabbic Squiddy-C Butterfly Clear Plastic practice balisong dull knife trainer
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  • MADE IN THE USA: The Squiddy-C butterfly knife/ balisong trainer is precision CNC machined. It features channel constructed polycarbonate handles for a strong and lightweight build. Each trainer is hand assembled and tested in our shop in California to ensure smooth action and minimal handle play.

  • TSA Safe: The Squiddy-C is easy to travel with. You can fly with it in your carry on baggage and flip it at the airport and while on the airplane.

  • SAFE + PUBLIC/ AGE FRIENDLY: The Squiddy-C butterfly knife/ balisong trainer has a friendly, harmless looking face, and a clear chic look. It is perfect to flip on the bus, when you're walking to school, or any other public area. The plastic look and feel also makes them great for kids--hefty metal balisongs usually don't work well for children and even regular adults who can easily bruise.

  • PERFECT BALANCE: Perfectly balanced, light weight, and fun to flip! The Squiddy-C butterfly knife/ balisong trainer has steel weights pressed into the ends of each handle and a steel nose pin to provide additional weight and easy movement.

  • BEST IN THE BALISONG/ BUTTERFLY KNIFE TRAINER INDUSTRY: Squid Industries is an industry leader in the balisong/ butterfly knife trainer industry. Established in 2016, by a flipper, Squid Industries continues to produce high quality flippers. RETURN POLICY: Returns are accepted within 30 days of delivery. All return products must be in new, unused condition, with original tags attached with original packaging and other components included.

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